Finals week causes stress for students, staff members


Photo by Ariel Cassell

Many students took exams early in the guidance office, so they wouldn’t have as many on the last several days of school.

Ariel Cassell, Writer

For this year’s finals, there have been many changes which have brought upon difficulties among students and staff members.

On the last day of finals, three finals were scheduled.

“The new schedule this year allows for a study session sometime before each final exam, but I do agree that it would be stressful for a student to have three finals on the last day,” said math teacher David Cotner.

Some students, however, went to the guidance office to take their finals early which caused the guidance office to be very busy throughout the three days.

Having only two bathrooms, was another hindrance for students. Because you must have an escort, one of the administrators, to leave the classroom during the final, many students try to go before class starts. With only two bathrooms, the lines tend to be very long and hectic.

Teachers’ lunch time supervision and study halls were also affected by the schedule changes.

“So what happens is normally the teachers supervise study halls, but since we switched the lunch periods those teachers (now) have classes during those periods. So what they did instead of pulling teachers out of their personal preps, which you try to leave alone so that they can grade papers, we just switched study halls around,” said science teacher Andrew Timm.

Some teachers had to take all of the students in study halls during specific hours. These changes were made to class periods two, four, and seven. Other teachers have two lunchtime supervisions instead of a study hall.

The process had some glitches, though, as teachers who had multiple study halls in their rooms were not given rosters of students’ names.

“I was never given a roster for all the kids whose last name corresponds to that, (students with last names M-Z) so I don’t know if all of my kids are here. I can’t take attendance,” English teacher Cynthia Auburn said.

Math teacher Sherri Terrell said that some student could have went to the library instead of one teacher having all of the study halls for that period.

“They recently added a couch and some comfortable chairs that would be conducive for a study space. They should add more seating like this and use a room like that to have study hall students supervised,”  Terrell said.

For some teachers, the new schedule was helpful because it gave them enough time during the day to grade exams and not waste time throughout the week.

English teacher Ashley Sudar said, “(This) schedule gives teachers an opportunity to grade the finals before the end of the day.”

There have been many adjustments to get used to with this year’s final schedule for both students and teachers.