Festive movies bring holiday joy


Photo provided by www.yellowblissroad.com

You can watch some of these Christmas classics on Freeform and the Hallmark Channel.

Skylar Clark, Editor-in-Chief

Hang up some lights, pour some eggnog, and cozy up by the fireplace for some Christmas movies.

Christmas represents different things for different people. As a result, students and staff members have favorite Christmas movies, ranging from classics to non-traditional choices.

Senior Kennedy Vernengo said, “I think I’m going to have to go with ‘Elf’ (as my favorite). I know everyone probably says that, but it still to this day makes me laugh every time I watch it and it is a family tradition to watch it during Christmastime, so it has a special place in my heart.”

“I only watch ‘Polar Express.’ They showed it to us in first grade during pajama day. We had hot chocolate. First, second, third, and fourth grade, I watched it in class as well. Honestly, it is iconic,” said senior Sierra Laviolette.

Others had some nontraditional choices.

“My favorite Christmas movie is ‘Gremlins’ because it takes place around the holidays, and it is my kind of 80’s children’s movie that is both kind of happy and kind of dark at the same time,” said Japanese teacher Joseph Rybarczyk.

Senior Brianna Barrios said, “‘The Grinch’ is my favorite. I watch it every night before bed.”

Why are these movies so loved and cherished?

“It is the sort of kids’ movie that we don’t let kids watch nowadays, because everything has to be sanitized and super safe,” said Rybarczyk. “In the new ‘Grinch’ movie, he is apparently not very evil, because kids need to be protected from dark stuff nowadays.”

Favorite moments of these movies were also recalled.

“When they save the kids from Santa’s bag, I relate to the kid with the nerdy glasses who is complaining the whole time like ‘I didn’t get my presents.’ I’m like, yeah, me too,” said Laviolette.

“When ‘Elf’ makes breakfast, he has all the candy in the spaghetti and he eats it. It is hilarious, or right after that scene is when the radiator is making noise and he calls Mr. Walters. He is like, ‘There is a strange box making noise.’ Mr. Walters tells Buddy that is the radiator. It is just funny.”

“‘The Grinch,’ the one with Jim Carrey,(is my favorite) because it is really funny. He is really mean and sarcastic, and his dog is just the cutest little thing. He is just so fat and when they have that little meal together, he is just eating everything. He is like ‘come on’ and it just makes me laugh,” said senior Isabel Knipe.

Although it has been debated when Christmas season starts, many people agreed that you should be able to watch your favorite Christmas movie anytime, regardless of the season.

“In a world that is distinctly not cheery, I don’t ever want to begrudge people wanting to spread cheer,” said Rybarczyk.