Final exam schedule is final


Photo provided by Dr. Patrick Weil

The revised finals schedule was sent out to all the teachers in an email.

Ashley Gomez, Writer

This year final schedule is different from the other years. In the past, the final exam schedule had fifth period every single day for 50 minutes for studying and 30 minutes for lunch. They did this to keep lunches the same, but as of last spring it has changed. Now lunches can be eaten during any of the periods.

This decision was made through three meetings of the Participatory Management Committee which is comprised of teachers and the principal, and it was first brought up in October.

“At an October department chair meeting, it was brought up to see if we could alter the schedule and try to avoid three finals on the last day. I volunteered to look at the numbers,” said David Bedka, who is a part of the community.

Some members of the committee had questioned the design, but a majority ended up approving it.

One reason for this change was so that students who go to the career center do not have to miss. Before the change they had to miss two days of career center, now they only have to miss one.

There will be three finals on the last day of school in order to make sure that more students show up. They don’t want students to ditch just because they are going to be bored.

They decided to keep fifth, sixth, and seventh hour together because it “keeps the class schedule in order with the final exam schedule. It allows the career center kids to only miss Friday at the career center. Way more teachers have a prep, study hall, (or) supervision during the afternoon classes, meaning fewer teachers have three finals to grade on the last day,” said Bedka.

This schedule will remain the same unless the state law is changed regarding half days. If half days are approved, students can go home straight after testing.

Students seemed to have a variety of opinions about this.

“I guess it (the schedule) doesn’t really make a difference, but it depends on your classes,” said junior Kaitlynn Barragan.

“It’s complicated because I am not used to this stuff,” said freshman Alexis Morse.

“I like it  because all of my friend have had fifth hour study hall but now I have second hour study hall so I get to leave and they don’t,” said Margaret McQuillan.