Medieval Fun


Photo by Ariel Cassell.

The tickets were not selling as quick as they usually do. This is because of the change of purchasing tickets. Instead of buying them with cash from students, you have to online to pay. They are available for $30.

Ariel Cassell, Writer

On  December 15th and 16th, the Varsity Choir class, Not Your Mother’s Improv Team, and the Theatre Arts Department will be performing the Madrigal Dinner. The feast will be at 6:00 pm on Saturday the 15th, and at 4:30 pm on Sunday the 16th in the high school cafeteria.

This year is the first year that the improv team will be joining the dinner. Another new thing this year is the Varsity Choir singing the songs for the performance. Choir students have always sang the songs, but this year it is a class project for varsity only. Before you had to try out as a choir due to to join the Madrigal. The Remarkables group, which includes 12 girls from the varsity and advanced girls class, will perform a couple of songs alone.

60 students will be included and there are 15-20 adults helping out. The choir students practice for a class hour every day. Soon they will have after school rehearsals as well. Some of the songs that are being performed at the dinner will also be performed at the choir concert on December 7th.

At the dinner, there will be a toast that the students come up with. This is to keep up the laughter throughout the night. There will also be a stuffed boar head to add to the medieval theme.

“The whole medieval feeling of it, the feast and the music, is something I’ve never experienced before,” said sophomore Kaitlyn Tiemens.

Madrigal dinners can be hosted differently at different school. Some schools have religious carols, but Highland’s is going to be more known for its Christmas carols.

“I did it at Valpo University and we didn’t have a play, just a performance, and we sang during dinner (the choir),” said choir teacher David Markley.

The dinner is being advertised on Facebook and other social media platforms. Students also hung posters around town to reach more people.