Deciding between e-learning days, two-hour delays


Photo taken by Ashley Gomez

The icy snow is causing students to fall and slip, and prevents buses and cars from driving easily.

Ashley Gomez, Writer

When it comes to bad weather, superintendent Brian Smith  starts off his day by heading to the office at around 4:30 in the morning. He does this in order to have time to call all the local superintendents to figure out how their weather looks and what they are going to do. He then contacts the police chief and the snow plow company to see how the roads look. With all of this information, he makes his decision. If the roads are able to be cleared within two hours and are not super icy he calls a two-hour delay, but if they will not be cleared in time then we have an e-learning day.

“The e-learning will work for us when we have to do full cancellations or if maybe we have a professional development for our staff,” said Smith.

The most common reason for a two-hour delay is concerns with student’s  safety. For example, on Monday, November 26th a two-hour delay was announced because administrators  were worried about students getting hit by a car at the bus stops because of ice. On November 6th, students had an e-learning day because of security reasons; one of the elementary schools were being used for voting on Election Day. The downside of a two-hour delay was that children often do not have a ride to school.

When it comes to the rule on e-learning assignments, any student that does not have WiFi or is experiencing connectivity problems has  three days to complete the assignment. They are also welcome to ask teachers for homework help via email if needed. When it comes to whether students prefer two-hour delays or e-learning days, there wasn’t a clear preference.

“I prefer both of them equally. I would like to sleep in and school is important.” said sophomore Brittney Bowers.

Junior Brianna Dewey said, “I’d prefer to have an e-learning day because it allows the students to still learn the material without having to worry about transportation to school. A large issue for many students is finding a ride to school when there’s a two-hour delay. We have e-learning for a reason; we should utilize it.”

“I prefer two-hour delays because most of the time we just show up and end up watching movies for most of the day,” said senior Madelyn Smigla.