Students sit, show lack respect for American flag


Photo by Betty Huang.

Students legally have the choice to sit or stand during the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem.

Betty Huang, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

I have seen an increasing amount of students failing to respect our beloved country. The Pledge of Allegiance is broadcast over the intercom every morning, preceded by the request to stand. This is our daily regime: to stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance while facing the American flag with your right hand over your heart. Why is it so hard for students to continue to do this?

I often see students seated during the Pledge.Some even sit and either scroll through social media on their phones or work on unfinished homework. The whole point of the Pledge is to show respect towards our country and those who fought to protect it. By sitting down, you are showing that you do not respect the country and those who have fought so hard for it.

During the National Anthem, students from choir conjure up the courage to sing for the entire student body. They sing loud and proud, but constantly face scrutiny from many of their peers, getting mocked and made fun of if they make mistakes. Students who tease these singers are not only disrespecting the student who sang, but they are also disrespecting America as a whole.

Part of the problem with students not standing is that some teachers don’t set a precedent in their classrooms. While the Pledge and National Anthem are being broadcast over the intercom, some teachers are not even in the classroom; they are in the hallway or department offices, talking to other teachers. This makes some students believe that they, too, can get away with disrespecting our flag. Why should students show respect if teachers aren’t there to do the same by modeling correct behavior?

In 2016, Colin Kaepernick became recognized for his controversial choice of kneeling during the National Anthem, instead of standing with his hand over his heart. Although his actions conjured up both negative and positive responses, Kaepernick had a firm reasoning behind his actions: he was protesting against racial injustice. Kaepernick’s actions created a trend within the sports community and sparked conversation.

This, however, is completely different from the lack of respect shown in schools.

When students sit down during both the Pledge and National Anthem, they’re not taking a stand. Most of the time they’re just being plain lazy. How much effort does it take to stand up for a minute? Why wasn’t your homework done the night before? Can’t social media wait?

Students need to start showing respect for their country and towards those who protect it. Teachers must set an example for students by showing respect themselves. We have the privilege of living in a safe environment; it is time that we stand and  appreciate those who sacrificed their lives to keep us safe.