E-learning changes schooling


Photo taken by Ariel Cassell

Students will have from 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. to check into school for the e-learning day.

Ariel Cassell, Writer

November 6th is not only Election Day, but it is also the first e-learning day for all schools in Highland. Because voting polls are usually held in elementary schools, it was decided to have an e-learning day to keep students safe. The high school and middle school then followed suit so that all students in the district would be on the same schedule.

The Indiana Department of Education also requires one practice day to be administered to test what needs to be fixed so the bugs can be worked out, before there is an actual e-learning day needed. This is the only scheduled practice day of the year, but there will be some in the future. E-learning days will be held during bad weather, such as snow days, and will count as a regular day of school for students.

Teachers, however, will still have to come into school to administer the students’ assignments. They will have to do professional development assignments.

Students will have from 7:30 am and 9am to check into “school”.

English teacher Ashley Sudar said, “For the most part, I think it will go smoothly.”

A state law says that assignments given to students on e-learning days are given three days to turn in. Some teachers, however, are making their assignments due tomorrow at midnight.

Teachers have different assignments for their classes. Math teacher David Cotner is having his geometry classes complete a review Math XL assignment which will be due at midnight.

“I chose (to make the assignment due at) midnight because it is something that they have already done before,” Cotner said.

Biology teacher Abbey Strohl has the same type of assignment. Her students will complete a quiz review, but this will be due on Friday.

Some students do not agree with the idea of e-learning days.

“It takes away social interaction between students, which is part of what makes learning easier for some people,” said Sophomore James Rhoten.

Others think that it is a good way to change the snow day protocol.

Sophomore Emily Price said, “It is a good idea because it eliminates snow days, and we get to stay home and relax.”

Instead of adding days to the end of the year or taking holidays, students can now login into their classes at home and have it count as full day at school.