Students get free food and choices


Photo by Ashley Gomez

Students get to decide if they want the meal next semester by placing their plate into the yes or no box.

Ashley Gomez, Writer

Photo by Ashley Gomez
The Cuban sandwich was given out as a free sample as a choice to have for lunch next semester














Last week was National School Lunch Week. Since 1962, it has been celebrated on the second week of October every year. It is celebrated in many different ways in different parts of the nation.

The festivities for our school included a 105.5 radio station, a raffle, and free samples.

The radio station was chosen because “they are our regionally local radio station and they cover a lot of school events in the area,” said Lisa Hayes, Director of Food Services.

Students are allowed to try free food in the side line and choose if they liked it or not. The two samples given were Wild Mike’s personal pan pizza and the Cuban sandwich. If a majority liked it, then it would be put onto the new lunch menu for next semester.

The raffle will take place in October 22nd. There will be one winner per lunch. The winners will receive surprise gift cards.

Hayes’ intent with this program was “to bring a fun experience to the students and to get them involved with what we do so that we can continually improve our menus.”

The students mostly had the same opinion.

“I like choosing my own food and I like the activities,” said freshman Kayla Harwood.

Senior Melissa Maciel said, “l like the idea of having the raffle, and I think it is a good idea to have the chance to choose our own meals.”

“I like the idea that the item we try and like will end up on the menu next semester,” said freshman Victoria Tanas.