Seniors lose treasured bench


Photo taken by D’jesenia Torres

Students not only lost the senior bench, but also a favorite lunch spot.

Sarah Liden, A & E Editor, Social Media Editor

Seniors came into school on Monday facing an alarming surprise. The senior bench, along with the remaining carpeted benches, was  removed with nothing to replace it. Students came to the conclusion that this was because of the senior prank played on Friday and have been wondering if there will be any additional punishments for those who participated in the prank.

Assistant Principal Andrew Locke said, “There will be no punishment for students who were involved.”

The senior prank consisted of taking roughly 20 teachers’ clocks from their walls and hiding them under the senior bench. During C lunch on Friday, the missing clocks were discovered by Assistant Principals Andrew Locke and Anthony Belli.

Although the general consensus was that the bench removal was due to the senior prank, this is false. Some students, however, think that losing the benches was a punishment in itself.

Senior Carley Ramirez said, “As a senior, I don’t like that the benches were taken away. The senior bench has been around since 1956 and it’s been a tradition at Highland ever since then, so to have it taken away during my senior year sucks. Although it’s not the end of the world, it was a nice place to meet and talk to other friends during the school day.”

When asked about the removal of the benches, principal Dr. Patrick Weil said, “I don’t know, but we are working on getting new benches soon.”

Senior Kayla Polen said, “A lot of seniors ate lunch on the bench, but now that’s not an option. I don’t think this is appropriate because the clock prank was just a joke that shouldn’t have caused something like this.”

Ramirez also said, “The prank we pulled was harmless fun. it wasn’t intended to hurt anyone, and the seniors had a good time doing it. We’re just trying to enjoy our senior year and I feel like taking the bench away was too far as a ‘punishment.’”