Students embrace fall with fall bucket list


Photo taken by Skylar Clark

A fun thing that you can do is decorate your house with fall decorations, such as mums, pumpkins, and witches.

Skylar Clark, Editor-in-Chief

From drinking apple cider to carving pumpkins, here are some fun activities that you can do in the fall:

Photo taken by Skylar Clark
When choosing a pumpkin, you have to consider what are you going to be using for carving or cooking.

















– Go pumpkin picking. With friends or family, go in search of the perfect pumpkin. Once you have acquired said pumpkin, carve it and turn it into a scary jack-o-lantern.

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Although not a horror movie, Halloweentown is a great movie to watch with the whole family.
















– Re-watch your favorite Halloween movies. Cozy up inside and have a movie marathon of your favorite Halloween movies.

– Host a bonfire. While the weather is still nice and crisp, enjoy eating s’mores outside with friends and family.

– Go to an apple orchard. Fall is the time for apple picking. Even if you don’t find the taste of apples “a-peel-ing,” you can still walk around the orchard and enjoy the scenery.

– Visit a haunted house. A nice way to get the adrenaline pumping is to visit a scary haunted house after dark.

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What’s more delicious and fitting for the fall than sweet pumpkin filling surrounded by rich, flaky pie crust?












– Bake an apple or a pumpkin pie. Nothing is more fall than eating tasty treats, especially if they are made from apples and pumpkins, which are autumn staples.

– Jump into a pile of leaves. Rake together a huge pile of leaves and have fun diving into them. It’s super satisfying to watch the different colored leaves fall around you.

– Drink hot cider. Winter prides itself on its hot chocolate, but a classic fall drink is hot cider. Enjoy its perfect blend of sweetness and tartness. It’s like Fall in a cup.

– Do a corn maze. Get a group of friends to conquer a maze together and make it a contest to see who can finish it first!

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Looking for a fun activity and a new mode of transportation? Hayrides have got you covered!












– Go on a hayride. Sit back and enjoy the ride as you relax on a pile of hay.

– Take pictures. Plan a photo shoot with friends, family, or someone special in the park. The rich colors of leaves will make a fantastic background.

Photo taken by Skylar Clark
You can decorate both the inside and outside of your house with spooky Halloween decorations.
















– Decorate your house for Halloween. Christmas isn’t the only holiday that you can decorate your house for. Put gravestones in your yard and cobwebs in the windows to embrace the truly scary vibe.