Comedy Company comes to Highland


Photo taken by Sarah Liden

Meetings for The Laughing Rats Comedy Company will vary depending on schedules, but will mostly be every Friday.

Sarah Liden, A & E Editor, Social Media Editor

The school has seen many new clubs and extracurricular activities arise in the past year, such as Not Your Mother’s Improv, the revival of colorguard, and most recently advertised: The Laughing Rats Comedy Company. This will be Highland’s first comedy driven performance group.

Led by sophomores Eddie Jania and Jack Banasiak, they believed that we needed a space for students with comedic ability to share, converse, and associate with each other.

Jania said, “I decided to make the comedy company because I myself wanted to try a career in being a stand up comedian. I talked to Jack about it and realized there were people just like me.”

Banasiak said, “We felt that there was a lack in this specific type of theatrical art. Both Eddie and I enjoy stand up comedy, and comedy as a focus in general, so we decided to start this club.”

This club will have 30 minute meetings on Fridays in the auditorium. These meetings will teach members how stand up works, how to write jokes, and will perform shows in the future.