New menus mean new choices


Photo taken by Ashley Gomez.

The new lunch menu rotation had both new and familiar meals.

Ashley Gomez, Writer

We now have a new lunch menu. It is a cycle menu that lasts three weeks and then continues on. Upon hearing this, some students were confused and a little upset.

Students had a variety of opinions on the topic.

“I understand that they have to keep a lot of the same foods, but I think at least they could switch up the order,” said senior Aleena Morris.

“I personally don’t like it because I would like a more variety of foods each month,” said junior  Makayla Pawlak.

“I think that we should just get different foods because we can get sick of the same things every three weeks,” said freshman Zoraida Rodriguez.

“I feel like there should be more variety so I don’t think (the new menu) is a good idea,” said senior Paige Gora.

“I think it is a good change, but it will take time to get used to,” said freshman Grant Denvit.

“No, I don’t think I would like it because eventually you’ll get tired of the food; I know I would,” said senior Jacquelyn Acevez.

When many students heard that this was happening, they were mainly not happy because they wanted more variety. Something that was not mentioned to any of the students before was the fact that the lunch menu has always had a rotation; the rotation was just never shown.

Some students say that the condiments taste different or the food is slightly off, but the school still uses the same company as last year: Gordon Food Company.

Lisa Hayes, the new Head of Food Service, did not make many changes this year. For example, Hayes mentioned that we have been using the same condiments since last year and their has been no change in that though some people think there has been.

“The new menu items are an idea from food service compounds and a way to reinvent the menu,” said Hayes.

According to Hayes, students are allowed to get a cup of water when you do not want milk and/or have an allergy to dairy.