Highland theatre company rocks another play

Anna Brown

Erica Addington, Writer

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On February 23rd, Highland High School presented a play called “The Desk Set.”. It was the opening night and a very successful night to me. Over-all, the play was very entertaining, very comical, and something I would highly suggest for anyone to go and see.

This play was a first for many people such as senior Riley O’Connor (who played Ruthy) and senior Irie Crouch (who played Bunny), and honestly you couldn’t even tell. Both played their parts very well, especially considering that Crouch had the lead role, which also appeared to be very challenging since her scenes included such if romance, comedy, and knowledge.

The play hit many aspects of my emotions, keeping me entertained the whole time. It mentioned romance and how people get tired of waiting for others, and it also talked about machines and how they can’t always replace humans in the work field.

And, my favorite part, how funny it was! The whole cast had some sort of funny part to their role, even the mail boy. Every character had their own sense of humor, which kept it entertaining. Junior Kennedy Vernengo’s character Peg was the sarcastic kind, and Crouch’s character was the very intelligent one that always had witty, funny things to say. Oddly, one of my favorite characters was senior Maya Dziepak’s character of Miss Rumple, who didn’t even have any lines, but still made her appearances as a grumpy old woman and made everyone in the crowd laugh.

This play is one of the favorites that I have seen. It was like watching a sitcom show, but seeing your own classmates in it, which made it even more interesting because you got to see the amazing talents that you didn’t know they had.

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Erica Addington, Writer

Erica Addington has been a part of the staff for 3 years now. She has a passion for writing and working with animals in hopes to one day become a zoologist....

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Highland theatre company rocks another play