Taylor Swift unveils her new era with new single and music video

The cover of Taylor Swift's upcoming album,

The cover of Taylor Swift's upcoming album, "Reputation." Photo curtesy of Taylor's Team.

Isa Bargoz, Writer

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The new Taylor Swift era is here and people are beyond excited for this album. Early last week, Swift deleted all her social media accounts indicating that something is going to happened, since deleted her whole “old era” and is starting a new one. She came back to social media a few days later with the announcement of a new single called “Look What You Made Me Do” along with the cover of her sixth album called “Reputation.” Her new single had a whole new sound to it. Many people had mixed feelings about it since some people like Swift solely for her old country style music or her last album “1989,” which was more pop based. At the Video Music Awards (VMAs) this past Sunday, Swift released her music video for the single on national television

Junior Libby Cook said that she loved the sound of “Look At What You Made Me Do.” It was a whole different sound compared to the rest of her music, but that is what Swift is all about. She is always changing it up. “I thought the music video was very clever, I actually liked it a lot. The beginning was a little creepy, but I loved how she had clones of herself as all of her old ‘era’s’,” said Cook.

Junior Gabriella Marks did not enjoy the music video as much as others did. “It was a little too creepy and it didn’t really make sense to have her as a zombie. What does that even mean? What I thought was cool about the music video was how she showed all her era’s at the end,” said Marks. “I also did enjoy that part more towards the end where she says that the old Taylor was dead. It signifies that her old era is over and this is the start of a new one. Other than that, I didn’t think the music video was really all that.” Marks said.

Watch Swift’s new music video here:

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Taylor Swift unveils her new era with new single and music video