Drag Queens take over the industry

The promotional photo for “Rupual’s Drag Race All Stars 2” provided by Logo TV

The promotional photo for “Rupual’s Drag Race All Stars 2” provided by Logo TV

The promotional photo for “Rupual’s Drag Race All Stars 2” provided by Logo TV

Scott Panchinsin

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The promotional photo for “Rupual’s Drag Race All Stars 2.” (Photo provided by Logo TV)

By Scott Panchisin


Drag queens have been around since Shakespearian times. During these times, only men could act in plays so for female parts the men had to dress in drag. Some believe this is when the term “drag” was created, an acronym for “dressed resembling a girl.” Drag has greatly evolved since these olden days.

In recent years, drag has become more popular. This is all thanks to the show “Rupaul’s Drag Race.” Throughout the first seasons, you could tell that the quality of drag was lower than the drag of today. Drag has evolved even from that to include different kinds of drag, glamor to comedy to cosplay. Since the show’s release, it has even earned an Emmy, really showing the growth of the popularity of drag.

Drag queens used to just play at clubs in the late night, not many gigs to be had. But since the start of modern drag, queens have risen on the ladder have gotten better gigs. Queens, such as Trixie Mattel, have even released best selling albums on the iTunes charts in multiple countries, showing queens are more than lip sync performers and have other talents as well.

Other than music, queens have also signed brand deals with makeup companies. Drag queens Alaska 5000, Raja, Jiggly Caliente, and Katya even signed on with the makeup brand Urban Decay, performing shows and creating videos for the company. Another well respected queen in the makeup industry is Miss Fame. She started as a male model but was said he could not model since he was too feminine. Fame went against that and started to model in drag and got many more jobs as a woman. Fame has signed on with L’Oreal as a representative of the company.

Drag queens are no longer those men who lip sync in bars dressed as women. Drag has become much more than that with queens accomplishing more than any would have thought.

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Drag Queens take over the industry