HTC delights audience with magnificent rendition of “Bye Bye Birdie”

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Conrad Birdie (Sam Pizzuto) does a show stopping performance. (Photos taken by Cassie Westfall)


Albert Peterson (Zach Fraley) and dancers (Sophia Procida, Victoria Smith, and Kelsie Zuklin) sing and dance to “Put on a Happy Face”. (Photos taken by Cassie Westfall)

Kim McAfee (Erin Perry) tells her boyfriend, Hugo Peabody, (Chris Peterson) that he is the only boy for her. (Photos taken by Cassie Westfall)

By Skylar Clark


The year is 1958, and Conrad Birdie is the biggest rock and roll star to hit the charts. Women love him, guys want to be him, and teenage girls everywhere scream at the sound of his name. There is only one problem – Birdie has been drafted into the U.S Army. Apart from all the fans that are disappointed about Birdie being drafted, Birdie’s songwriter and agent Albert Peterson is also in distress because his business is going under. Peterson’s girlfriend and secretary Rose Alvarez has come up with a plan to save his business, which is to have Birdie do a farewell performance on The Ed Sullivan Show, singing a song yet to be written by Peterson called “One Last Kiss.” To top it all off, Birdie will actually give one last kiss to one of his lucky fans.

The Highland Theater Company did a great job of taking you back into the the late 50’s/early 60’s. The costumes the actors wore looked like clothes that kids and adults would actually be wearing during that time period. The music selection they chose was also very fitting to the time periods and vibe of the play.

The play itself had many hilarious moments such as when Kim MacAfee’s dad (Liam Curran) tried to break up the kiss between Birdie (Sam Pizzuto) and MacAfee (Erin Perry) when they were on TV. This had me cracking up laughing because I could just imagine my dad doing this to me. There were also touching scenes in the play like when MacAfee tries to convince her boyfriend, Hugo Peabody (Chris Peterson) that just because she is kissing Birdie does not mean that she loves him any less since “a steady lasts forever.”

Overall, I enjoyed the play because it was both hilarious and moving.


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HTC delights audience with magnificent rendition of “Bye Bye Birdie”