Horoscopes: week of May 8 – May 14

Jordyn Stewart

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By Jordyn Stewart


This is a week for self love, self care, and self healing. Don’t let anybody shame you for that. We all need time to take a breather, it’s okay to do stuff for yourself once in awhile. Don’t be afraid to take a day to yourself, do what you enjoy and keep to yourself if you have to.



The May 10th full Moon could bring an easy answer to a substantial problem. Your personal charm may be more effective than any power of intellect or logic. Connect on a personal level, break through a major barrier, and make a new friend. Don’t be shy, great opportunities may present themselves this week in the form of a new colleague or acquaintance!



Love and romance may catch you off guard during the full Moon! It could be a stunning new lover, or a romantic series or book could keep you occupied. Or, your current flame could turn the heat way up. You can run but you can’t hide from love. Your grounded personality may tell you to stay wary, but don’t let that stop you from connecting with a potential partner!



Take good care of yourself around the full Moon. If an older friend or companion pesters you about this, don’t take offense. More people care about you than you realize. Let someone pamper and entertain you. Besides, they like your company. Don’t let any passing negative energies distract you from those who care for you; let love in!



Have fun at the May 10th full Moon. You might not have much enthusiasm at first, but put those daily concerns and any loose ends aside for a while and indulge yourself. You get to take care of yourself, too. As someone who gives so much, you should be allowed to be selfish sometimes!



Family affairs touch more deeply than ever with the full Moon this week. Work may try to make a last-minute demand and social commitments may try to interfere, but nothing will distract you from a family event or meeting with a relative.



Friends are your greatest wealth during the May 10th full Moon. You won’t be overrun with people. One or two special companions will provide all the love and fun you could ask for. Several new projects may be offered, mostly short term. Be discerning and then pick and choose to best show off your talents and skills. Consider your personal satisfaction, too. You have the energy to take on as much as you please.



Money and well-loved possessions are lit up by the May 10th full Moon. You might receive a gift that you didn’t think you wanted until you fall in love with it. You won’t need to spend much to experience a lot of pleasure.



The May 10th full Moon is intense and passionate. An ideal lover may seek you out of a crowd. It might not last forever, but it could be great while it lasts. Lap up the attention, but don’t encourage more than you want. Don’t instantly be skeptical.



Music, movies, and art of all kinds are highlighted for you by the May 10th full Moon. Let an artistic view give you a deeper look into yourself. Meditation of all forms on the human condition can be powerful now.



You may have more energy for your social life at the May 10th full Moon. You may also have more taste for bigger groups or a wider social circle. A cultural outing, concert, or some live music might be just the thing to please you.



The May 10th full Moon empowers your career and public position. You have a strong home base and support from your friends. Judge circumstances wisely, resist getting cocky, and don’t hesitate to take on more responsibility or authority. You’ve got this.



The May 10th full Moon lights up your world just when you thought your world couldn’t get any bigger or brighter. You could attract some exotic new acquaintances that are instantly drawn to your big heart. Don’t worry. They won’t become too intrusive. Keep things light.


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Horoscopes: week of May 8 – May 14