Horoscopes: week of May 1 – May 7

Jordyn Stewart

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By Jordyn Stewart


Good news! Mercury finally leaves its retrograde this week, on May 3. What does this mean for you? Now is the perfect time to make those intense decisions you’ve been working out in your head. Anything you’ve hesitated on in the past few weeks, make a final decision on it this week.



You have to decide what you want and work for it in May, Aries. Consider any family and career goals; is school coming to an end? Work hard to stay motivated and finish strong. Finances will be wonderful until the 20th, and you’ll have support from friends and family. Venus and Jupiter will make your love life enjoyable. No problems are expected on the health front.



Family and emotional matters dominate for your personality, someone close to you may have some unexpected news this week. Professional life will be volatile, so be sure to keep a positive attitude even in times of stress! Single bulls will look for fun in their partnerships, perhaps that special someone will finally make a commitment? Exercise and diet will enhance your fitness; set a goal and work for it, Taurus!



Mars will boost your careers this month, Gemini. Spirituality will be another major influence; be sure to pay attention to all the signs this week! Current love partnerships will be under the weather. Don’t let this get you down! Your behavior will be charming and vitality will be high, easing you through the turbulent times.



Both independence and flexibility are required of you this month, Cancer. Expect the unexpected. Financial intuition will be excellent and your monetary situation is fabulous. Have you been saving up for something big? Now may be the time to get your hands on it! Family environment will be harmonious and health will be much better, expect to feel great this month!



Expect to accomplish a lot of your goals this month, Leo. Professionally, this will be a profitable month and money can be made in many of your adventures. Love and health areas will be challenging, but remember that all things pass! Keep your spirits high this May, good things are coming.



Your career will be in the spotlight this month, Virgo. Social contacts will help your professional progress; don’t be afraid to make a few friends on the job. Family will support you to enhance your wealth, physical and emotional. Relationships are under stress due to power struggle and career demands; don’t let this get you down! Your partner should understand that you’re a busy person. Wealth can be improved by learning yoga and practicing meditation, focus on clearing your mind as we enter May.



Your socially intelligent nature will help you to balance your career and family this month. You may finally get time for a break, Libra! Spirituality will be another area of interest this month; have you felt as if you’ve lost a part of yourself this year? A monetary situation is challenging but your loved ones will give you the needed financial support; you can’t be the only one to support people! Relationship life will be chaotic this May, while health is on its way to recovery. All is well, Libra.



You can attain your goals with your social skills this month; if you want it, you can pull some strings to get it. If you are looking for employment, you will succeed in getting a job as well. Financially, you will face hurdles due to unfavorable planetary aspects, but don’t expect this to last! Love is highly romantic, with new opportunities on your horizon. It’s going to be a great month for you, Scorpio!



Teamwork and compromise are required this month for your sign, Sagittarius. That isn’t necessarily your cup of tea, but remember that working as a team can get the job done faster! You have to work harder for accomplishing your career ambitions this month. If you want that raise, you need to earn it! Finances are stable and family environment is pleasant; take time to relax for once. Health will be good and can be improved by natural home remedies. Keep a hardworking attitude this month, if you have a task to complete, don’t waste time!



Family conflicts will keep you busy this month; not everyone will be happy with what you’re doing. Your professional atmosphere will be peaceful while finances are volatile; keep your emergency funds at the ready. Single Capricorns, you will attract a potential partner with your charm! Health can be improved with proper fitness and diet regimes; don’t be afraid to take up a new workout routine. All in all a favorable month for your sign!



Use your creative talents during this month, maybe pick up a new hobby, or put yourself to work improving any talents. Mars and Neptune will complicate your financial life, so be sure to save up your money just in case. Life with your spouse will be enjoyable with plenty of partying; if you’re single, expect to find a potential partner to take up a lot of your time! Health requires a calming relaxation, take a day off for once, Aquarius!



You’ll have to work towards family happiness this month; if things have been rough at home, now may be a good time to try to settle any differences. This is also a great time to plan your career goals; where do you see yourself in 5 years? Money comes easily while love for singles is complicated. Emotional health will be more important, don’t let your head get too far into the clouds for the wrong person. Let this be a time of rebuilding and blooming for you, Pisces.

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Horoscopes: week of May 1 – May 7