Horoscopes: week of April 24 – April 30

Jordyn Stewart

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By Jordyn Stewart


This week is a time for rest, a new cycle of happenings is about to begin. With Friday’s Moon’s transition from Aries into Taurus, find solid ground to make yourself at home. With a new moon happening on the 26th, use this as a time to set intentions for things you’d like to create, develop, cultivate, make, or manifest. What matters is that you’re committing yourself to your vision, and taking time to do the things that will benefit you in the long run. Keep a level head this week; as Mercury continues its retrograde, things may look a little uncertain. Don’t let this discourage you, keep a good attitude for the next few weeks. This may be a good time to rethink old opinions or ideas,  but put any serious decisions on hold for the time being.



The New Moon on April 26 may bring you a monetary windfall, or perhaps a desired acquisition becomes easier to get now. A financial decision that seems obvious to you may surprise others, but your instincts will outweigh any advice. However, be smart and not hasty. Don’t rush into anything. While we’re still experiencing Mercury’s retrograde, remember to think every action through; don’t get caught up in a pretty lie. But there’s good news: the April 26 Taurus new moon will kick off a six-month cycle of new opportunities for work, money, and self-affirming habits. By the end of this twisty-turny month, you’ll be supremely grateful for the grounding moonbeams of earthy Taurus.



The sun is in your sign this week, Taurus! Let this be a time for stability, comfort, and love. Make sure to let yourself feel good, treat yo self! April 26 is a new Moon that lets you be a new you. Create a more beautiful world for yourself and know that you can make it last. Feel secure about everything that you truly love. If you have a special someone, let them know what they really mean to you; you never know what could come out of it! You’re feeling too alive to let these setbacks bring you down! Prioritize your personal goals and give them your all, especially at the Taurus new Moon. This once-a-year lunar beam is like your very own, personal new year. A super-charged time to (re)commit to cherished goals. The seeds you plant this week will ripen over the next six months. Don’t let the retrograde chaos deter you from getting started on your ambitious solo ventures and dreams.



Go ahead and smile! Pause on the new Moon on April 26 and give yourself some private time to reflect on what you want to do that you haven’t yet started. Don’t jump in right away, but let all those buzzing ideas settle down in your mind. You’ll choose wisely. On April 28, the Mercury/Uranus conjunction sets your mind ablaze with a zillion ideas. Write down or photograph for later. This new Moon inspires you to begin anew. It’s a bit of a paradox to have a new Moon in the part of your chart that rules closure—but endings are often beginnings in their own way. Surrender any struggle and allow divine guidance in. A spiritual or creative awakening could arrive with this new Moon, planting the seeds for an enriching six-month cycle. Pay attention to those intuitive hits, Gemini—all the signs are there if you can be silent and centered long enough to see them.



The April 26 new Moon opens up a lot of doors for your social life. If you’ve wanted to step up into a more luxurious – if expensive – circle of friends and associates, there could be some introductions coming your way, this may mean fresh connections and an exciting opportunity to collaborate. Seeds planted today could blossom in the coming six months. Your social life also gets a reboot, as well. Keep an open mind, you never know who you could meet!



It may not be flowers, but it could come in material form just as well as compliments. Look for career or work opportunities around the new Moon on April 26. Even if a major boost to your position doesn’t happen instantly, you’ll be conspicuous in all you do. You know your own mind. Be authoritative but not bossy. Set clear-eyed goals and powerful intentions at the Taurus new Moon. What “great thing” would you like to be remembered for in this lifetime, Leo? Map out concrete steps you can (and will) take to make this a reality. Break it down to one item a week between now and the November 4 Taurus full Moon. If you start now, you could make major headway by fall!



The new Moon on April 26 is a great time to examine more deeply a subject or matter that has strong emotional appeal. You can master the basics of something that turns an event or occasion your way. This time is especially strong for planting some adventurous seeds. What’s on your bucket list that you could manifest in the coming six months? Raising your levels of joy and inspiration will make you downright magnetic, so engage in activities that make your heart sing and watch the abundance flow in. Yes, sometimes it really is that simple.



The new Moon on April 26 could bring people to you who have extremely useful advice or suggestions. You may have no obvious big concerns, but there could be a number of small issues that you’d be glad to lay to rest. Perhaps now’s the time. Going within becomes even more compelling when the Sun starts its month-long journey into Taurus. This is your annual time to hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign, sticking to a tight circle of trusted confidantes and tuning out distractions. Put the blinders on and dive into soul-searching or a project that requires your intentional focus. You may move toward a more permanent status with a key person, the Taurus new Moon could set the wheels in motion. Is it time to put a ring on it or make things official?



Be patient and take a time-out if it gets to be too much. The new Moon on April 26 brings you a great deal of new love. It could be a new romance or a fresh, powerful insight that enriches your current relationship. Find a new way to make love more stable and reliable. Bring balance back to your closest ties and explore all serious opportunities to partner up. Single Scorpios could meet someone with long-term potential. With all the retrograde planets, it’s crucial that you research and leave no stone unturned. The Taurus new Moon is a good day to get negotiations underway or focus on what you want from a relationship. Seeds planted today will unfold in the coming six months, so meditate on your most important ties and what would make you feel the most fulfilled in them.



The new Moon on April 26 highlights creature comforts and how healthy they can be. It may be hard at times to moderate what and how much you eat, but you should be able to reduce stress and enjoy a less hectic schedule. You’ll still be busy, of course. The Taurus new Moon is an excellent day to develop some new routines (or rituals), even if it’s something simple. The key is the consistent action, which will have a stabilizing ripple effect throughout your whole life. Make this simple activity non-negotiable, aim for creating habits you can stick with. It’s not about what the scale says or your pants size, but making a long-term lifestyle shift. How do you feel, Archer? If you have inner peace and rootedness, that centered energy will radiate out from within.



For the new Moon on April 26, find more pleasure in something that has been barely amusing. See the value in something or some action that you may have dismissed as frivolous. You haven’t misjudged. You’ve probably been too hurried to take a careful look. Slow down and appreciate more. A hedonistic high point could arrive at the new Moon, or you may be “ripe” with a creative brainchild. Either way, you have the opportunity to step into a more visible and outspoken role. Just make sure, given the retrogrades, that it’s one you WANT to be known for in the long term. Will you still be proud of this in ten, 20 years? Pause and assess before diving in.



Be ready for anything. Home and family life deepens around the new Moon on April 26. A disturbing feeling or impression may simply vanish with no explanation or discussion. Let life become more comfortable, lovely, and loving. Worry later, if ever, about the reasons why. This  time could also bring exciting news for your personal life: a move, a pregnancy or an opportunity for some nurturing self-care. Set intentions for your personal life; where and how would you like to live? Start researching new cities or neighborhoods for a perfect fit. Is there a family relationship that needs healing? Extend the first twig of that olive branch. Someone has to make the first move, and it might as well be you.



The new Moon on April 26 brings neighbors together, and this could eat into your private time. Peace and quiet may be scarce, but you’ll cherish every moment. More favorite music or meditation can help you keep your balance. This time could even spark exciting dialogue or introduce you to a kindred spirit whose skills complement yours. Test the waters by collaborating on a small project together. An exploratory meeting or pitch session may not deliver an immediate yes, but it could plant the seeds for an important connection.


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Horoscopes: week of April 24 – April 30