Going out Titanic style

Skylar Clark

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By Skylar Clark


This year the spring spirit week’s theme was the Titanic, and it is well-known that senior Zach Fraley, is very passionate about the Titanic.

In fact, when describing Fraley, Mr. Dennis Kaminski said, “To know Zach Fraley is to know the Titanic.”

Because of Fraley’s feelings toward the ship, many people assumed that he made the decision for this year’s theme single-handedly, but this is not true.

When asked about the process on how themes are chosen, Fraley said, “The spirit week theme is chosen by the entirety of student council. We take suggestions from the body and then vote.”

This year, student council did something different, which was having the words of wisdom match the spirit week theme. Fraley was chosen to read the words of wisdom during morning announcements since he enjoys sharing the knowledge about the ship.

“I think it made spirit week a bit deeper than it typically is,” Fraley said.

It has not been determined whether the office or student council will continue having themed words of wisdom.

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Going out Titanic style