Theatre department takes on “The Laramie Project”

Matthew Lemerond

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By Matt Lemerond


“The Laramie Project” is a play about a hate crime committed against Matthew Shepard in 1998. Matthew was beaten and left to die by being tied to a fence by two people because he was a homosexual. This is a very tragic and heavy story about how the people in Laramie felt about the event and how it affected the community. The story is based off of a movie, which is a HBO documentary. The story takes place in Laramie over the entire year of 1998.

Dylan Root said, “The most difficult part about the production was the amount of people, difficult to work with a big cast and when people got sick.” Root also said that he has learned a lot about the Matthew Shepard case and how it affected the world,which made national headlines. Root said that the most rewarding part of this production was getting a look at HTC’s future and seeing what the underclassmen can do.”

Omar Perez said, “The most difficult thing was that in the last play it was a lighter topic and this one was more intense.” Perez said that he learned to use more facial expressions. He said, “The most rewarding thing was knowing that there might be people in the audience who don’t agree with the message being conveyed and we might make them rethink their opinion.”

“This play is something a lot of my classmates think strongly about and it’s rewarding for me personally to see everyone act with purpose,” said Perez.

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Theatre department takes on “The Laramie Project”