Slide into home plate with the Freshmen

Erica Lopez

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By Erica Lopez


Spring is on its way, and so is freshmen baseball. Many freshmen students are preparing and training for this year’s freshmen Highland High school baseball team. Everybody trying out this year are pumped up and ready to play the sport they love. A new freshmen baseball coach is running along with the rest of the team. 24 year old Sam Michel is now coaching his fifth season of baseball. Michel is ready to train with the new team and help them go far this season.

A couple of freshmen students, Matthew Mendoza and Travis Shamel, are preparing for tryouts in March.

Mendoza has been playing baseball for four years and trains hard every other day. He also talked about how he first got started playing baseball and how he thinks the team will do this year. Mendoza stated that his friends were who got him to start baseball.

“I think we will do decent,” Mendoza said.

Freshman, Travis Shamel, has been playing baseball for five and a half years and trains at least once or twice a day. Shamel stated that he started to play baseball because of his dad.

“I think the season will go good,” Shamel said.

Coach Michel is excited to be with the boys and help them improve in baseball. He is ready to take on anything that comes his way and do the thing he loves to do, coach baseball.

Michel said the most important thing to him is that, “I want the guys to play for me, not because I’m their buddy, but because they know I mean what I say and can teach them the game.”

All of the players and the new coach are ready to go out and try their best that they can do. They are ready to go out and play some ball!

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Slide into home plate with the Freshmen