Project Runway: All Stars Season 5 Recap

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It’s all- star season and the show’s designers are back and better than ever. Project Runway: All-Stars is similar to its mother show, Project Runway, in that it catches the hearts of other fashion-crazed fans with an array of designers in a competition for the chance of a lifetime: to showcase their work at fashion week along with money to start their own line and prizes that vary by season, like make-up for shows and sewing machines.

But this is All-Stars. All-Stars combines a handful of designers that have had previous experience with the show. So this season we have people like Dmitry Sholokhov, Project Runway season 10 and All-Star season 4 winner, Sam Donovan and Asha Daniels from Under the Gun, a show hosted by Tim Gunn, mentor of Project Runway and Daniel Franco who has been around Project Runway for 10 years, but has yet to win.

So with all the best designers returning, we’re sure to receive the best drama. One episode in and Daniel Franco has cut off his thumb, Sam Donovan and Mitchell Perry have clearly not settled their disputes resulting in Twitter beef between the two, and Kini Zamora is back to win this time. After being so close to winning during his season, I have no doubts he’ll be once again in the top three.

Valerie Mayen ended up winning this challenge, which was to design with the inspiration of that spark of when you knew designing was meant for you. Unfortunately, no one went home this episode. What? With no immunity or saves in All-Stars, this competition is the most cutthroat and yet the judges decided to keep both Daniel Franco and Mitchell Perry. Why? Well, both of their products were terribly executed as well their choppy storyline to coincide with their garments, but the judges couldn’t bring themselves to eliminate both. As terrible as Mitchell is, they totally kept him to dramatize the show. And as much of a whiner Daniel may be, he is the oldest participant, so it would be sad to see him go home so early.

Who knows what else in store for All-Stars this season. With guest Judges like Kesha, Debra Messing and Little Big Town, the show is sure to get interesting. Will there be a red carpet challenge? An unconventional materials challenge? Or maybe a challenge with a specific client?

To find out, watch Project Runway All-Stars season 5 on Lifetime every Thursday night.

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Project Runway: All Stars Season 5 Recap