Lunchtime: A time for eating or a time for grieving?

Molly Arroyo


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At Highland High School, students have many different opinions on the school’s lunches. Out of the ten people surveyed, seven of them said they do not eat the school’s lunch for reasons such as its “gross” or they simply “don’t like it.” Out of the seven people that said they do not eat lunch, only three said they eat the school’s lunches on occasion.

The most popular school lunches were the chicken bowl and the nachos, half of the  people surveyed agree. The least favorite lunch item was the hotdogs, four out of the ten people had agreed. When asked what food selections should be added to the menu, surveyers replied with a variety of answers . Answers submitted varied from tacos to sub sandwiches to fried pickles.

If Highland had the opportunity to add a fast food restaurant to the school, most people who were surveyed said it should be Panda Express or Taco Bell. Eight out of ten people thought those would be the best choices.  All students surveyed agreed that if the school had more of a variety, or better food choices, students who rarely or never eat lunch would be more willing to eat the schools lunch every day.

-Molly Cox