Different Times of the Year

Molly Arroyo

100 degrees to 0 degrees is a big change for freshman, Jeanine Suboh, from Lakeland Florida. Now living in Highland, Indiana. ” I love the snow , I haven’t seen it in so long, but I hate the coldness each day,” stated Jeanine while shivering in the cold. She used to live here in Indiana. But she came from Whiting. When here father found a better job in Florida her family packed up there stuff and moved. Now that they have been gone for six years they decided to come back because they had less communication with the family and they missed everyone. Christmas is coming up and the unique this about Jeanine is she is Muslim and American so she had two kind of holidays. She had the regular Christmas and the Ede. On Christmas she will go to her mothers side of the family and for the Ede she will spend it on her fathers side. Her family and her don’t decorate the house because they follow the more Muslim side of them but, some day they would like to. Break is going to be a blast for Jeanine because she is going to spend time with her family, play in the snow, and do other things that teenagers do. She has a hole lot of planning to do for the holidays like what is she going to do for the rest of the break, what does she want for Christmas and a lot of other things. ” I hope everyone has a blast and a safe break and Christmas time.” said Jeanine.
-BreAnn Legg